Professionalism in Real Estate starts with Brokers

Statesman, February 23, 2017 - Real estate agent challenges incumbent for Bastrop school board seat
Trustee Billy Moore will have a challenger in his bid for re-election to the Place 3 Bastrop school board seat in May after real estate agent Tommy Hazleton announced his candidacy last week.

Times Union, Feb. 21, 2017 - Real estate agent finds calling finding accessible homes
Rosalie LaRocco has a dream that someday everyone will be able to find a home that is both comfortable and meets their needs — a place of happiness.

Inman, Feb., 23, 2017 - Why professionalism starts with real estate brokers
, by Teresa Boardman. If real estate brokers supervised their agents — as is their job and is required by law — we would be able to easily help the bad players improve their skills and competency, or they could be let go.